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fort myers air conditioning serviceI live out of the state, Penguin Air was recommeded by a neighbour. Thank you for your service and patience on the instructions to enter the home without me there, I thought you should know I got home yesterday and the new air conditioning system is perfect. A sincere thank you, is good to know a sevice company I can trust..naples air conditioning service


cape coral air conditioning serviceI called for emergency service at approximately 7:30am after a restless night with no air called penguin air for service, moments later about 1 hour later to be exact a technician was here. by 10am a crew was here, they set up their equipment and materials and went to work. I was there during the whole installation and I soon realized that they are a good experienced crew. By 4pm job was completed and I must say I am so very impressed by their service, knowledge and clean work they performed. I really appreciated the way they interacted. You can use our references for future customers and we would be happy to express our approval of your work. Sincere thank you, sarasota air conditioning service

Mike and Sara-

sanibel island air conditioning serviceSunday morning I had to leave town and my air conditioning was leaking, I immediately started calling contractors on the yellowpages and nobody would answer. I looked up on the internet and found Penguin Air conditiong service, two hours later the unit was up and running by a courtious technician and I was able to catch my flight not having to worry about my home. thank you for your service sincerely, estero air conditioning service

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During flu season and throughout the year families are exposed to viruses that circulate in the air they breathe indoors, so taking every measure to prevent illness makes good sense.


Allergies and Air conditioning

American lung association recommends avoiding outdoor air pollution, pollen, and mold spores. Therefore, times air pollution and pollen levels are high, it's a good idea to stay indoors as the air in your home or office would be easier to control with the proper air conditioning products and services.
People with asthma and allergies notice that their symptoms get worse at night, Air conditioning can help as it allows windows and doors to stay closed while in the comfort of you’re a/c system by having you’re A/C system running with proper air filtration, clean air ducts and coils should help in keeping some pollen and mold spores outside. Having the proper size air conditioner will not only save on your energy bills, it will also lowers indoor humidity. Low humidity helps to control mold and dust mites.

Note: A larger A/C system will not keep your home or office any cooler. When an oversized A/C system is installed it will blow cold air in larger volume into the rooms, giving the sensation that the home or office is cooling down but on the contrary the thermostat will shut the system down when it reaches temperature, therefore the A/C system will go into what is called a “short cycle” in which may potentially shorten the life of the compressor. When a system short cycles it does not have the time to remove humidity out of the indoor air and potentially creating other health problems.

Avoid too much cold air conditioning or too much heat. Room air temperature should be comfortable for someone with allergies or asthma. Ask as about our IQ Drive units with the proper filtration system. Penguin Air is Dealer of the IQ Drive made by Tappan, these units help maintain a stable air cooling or heating flow, unlike other systems in today’s market the IQ Drive has a complex yet simplefied computerized system that will adjust the air flow to keep steady room temperature by avoiding the typical dump of a large volume of air and then shutting down and as temperature rises repeating the cycle all over again. The IQ drive is a real breakthrough in keeping comfort levels and humidity removal with the capability of adjusting to the indoor air temperature.

There are a number of devices that can effectively remove particles from air. Penguin Air conditioning service representative will be able to explain further the good use of a Ultraviolet light, Air Cleaners and usefulness in reducing allergy symptoms.

The Environmental Protection Agency has identified indoor air quality as one of the top five most urgent environmental risks to public health. Yet a survey commissioned on behalf of the American Lung Association Health House program and 3M in April 2002 found that many of those questioned are not aware of:
(a) the potential dangers associated with poor indoor air
(b) steps homeowners can take to improve air quality in the home.

Five hundred forty homeowners nationwide responded to the survey, which has a  +/- six percent margin of error. Key findings appear below:

      More than 50 percent of Americans are not aware that poor indoor air quality is one of the top five most urgent environmental risks to public health. And nearly 25 percent of Americans are not concerned about the air quality in their homes and the impact it can have on their family’s health.
      Less than 20 percent of Americans believe that the air inside their homes is more polluted than the air outdoors. However, the Environmental Protection Agency states that levels of air pollution inside the home can be two to five times higher — and occasionally up to 100 times higher — than outdoor levels.
      More than 70 percent of Americans have forced air heating and/or central air in their homes.  Yet nearly 50 percent do not change the filter in their heating/air conditioning unit every 2 to 3 months as recommended. And 10 percent have never replaced the filter in their heating/air conditioning unit.
      Only about 11 percent of Americans purchase high efficiency furnace filters, despite the fact that high efficiency filters can be more effective than standard fiberglass filters in capturing pollen, pet dander, smoke and other potentially harmful microparticles.
      More than 50 percent of Americans are not aware that forced air heating and air conditioning units should be inspected annually by a professional. And more than 30 percent of Americans have never had their forced air heating or air conditioning units inspected.
      Nearly 75 percent of Americans live with someone who has allergies, asthma, emphysema or another respiratory illness.
      Only 27 percent of Americans have carbon monoxide detectors in their homes.

NEW YORK - In response to a growing body of scientific evidence linking poor indoor air quality to a host of serious health and respiratory problems1, today the American Lung Association Health House program and 3M — the makers of Filtrete air cleaning filters — are announcing National Check Your Filter Days, a new campaign to help American families breathe cleaner air in their homes.

The public can participate in this initiative by visiting and making a pledge to replace their existing furnace filter during the first week of every new season with a new filter that meets the American Lung Association Health House program air quality guidelines.  Everyone who makes the pledge will automatically be entered into a sweepstakes to win a trip for two to Honolulu, Hawaii, — one of America's cities with the least air pollution according to the American Lung Association State of the Air: 2004 report.

Those who pledge will receive a free copy of Improve the Air You Breathe: A Homeowner’s Guide to Better Indoor Air Quality from the American Lung Association Health House program.  This workbook offers simple, practical tips and provides added peace of mind for Americans looking to do their part in creating a cleaner living environment for their families.  People who make the pledge can sign up to receive a quarterly reminder e-mail to check their filters, courtesy of the makers of Filtrete filters.

“Indoor air pollution is a major health concern for all Americans — especially for the 46 million in this country who live with allergies and asthma,” said Dr. Ian Greaves of the American Lung Association Health House Program.  “Using furnace filters that meet American Lung Association Health House indoor air quality guidelines and replacing them according to manufacturer’s instructions will help reduce levels of pollen, pet dander, smoke and other
particles that can trigger or exacerbate allergy and asthma attacks and other potentially serious health problems.”

To help you provide a healthier home for your family, here are some tips from Improving Indoor Air Quality: A Guide For Homeowners to help breathe cleaner air at home:

      Prohibit smoking indoors.  Tobacco smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals, 200 of which are known poisons, and more than 69 known cancer-causing agents.  The only way to eliminate the hazards of tobacco smoke is to not allow smoking indoor.
      If family members have pet allergies, the best way to protect them is to keep the pet outside. If you choose to share your home with pets, keep them away from the bedrooms of anyone with asthma or allergies, clean your home and change your air filters more frequently.  You may need to bathe and groom your dog or cat more often to reduce pet dander (skin flakes, similar to human dandruff), a common trigger for allergies and asthma.
      If your home uses replaceable filters, look for the highest-efficiency filter that works with your furnace.  The American Lung Association Health House program recommends using filters that meet its indoor air quality guidelines and has a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rating of 10 or higher.  One such filter is the Filtrete Ultra Allergen filter from 3M which has a MERV rating of 12 and captures up to 30 times more pet dander, dust, smoke, mold and other small particles and allergens than fiberglass filters.





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