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fort myers air conditioning serviceI live out of the state, Penguin Air was recommeded by a neighbour. Thank you for your service and patience on the instructions to enter the home without me there, I thought you should know I got home yesterday and the new air conditioning system is perfect. A sincere thank you, is good to know a sevice company I can trust..naples air conditioning service


cape coral air conditioning serviceI called for emergency service at approximately 7:30am after a restless night with no air called penguin air for service, moments later about 1 hour later to be exact a technician was here. by 10am a crew was here, they set up their equipment and materials and went to work. I was there during the whole installation and I soon realized that they are a good experienced crew. By 4pm job was completed and I must say I am so very impressed by their service, knowledge and clean work they performed. I really appreciated the way they interacted. You can use our references for future customers and we would be happy to express our approval of your work. Sincere thank you, sarasota air conditioning service

Mike and Sara

sanibel island air conditioning serviceSunday morning I had to leave town and my air conditioning was leaking, I immediately started calling contractors on the yellowpages and nobody would answer. I looked up on the internet and found Penguin Air conditiong service, two hours later the unit was up and running by a courtious technician and I was able to catch my flight not having to worry about my home. thank you for your service sincerely, estero air conditioning service

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Ultraviolet Light

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Protect Your Family!


Indoor Air Pollution is a Serious Threat

Pollen, mold, and bacteria are just a few of the microbial hazards that spread through the air. In fact the US Environmental Protection Agency now lists indoor air pollution as on of the major health risks of the 21st century.

How UV Light Works

Light produced by germicidal UV-C lamps penetrates the cell walls of micro-organisms present in your air handling system and alters the DNA molecule causing cellular damage, either killing the cells or preventing them from reproducing.

Kill Germs & Save Energy

uv light installationallergies

Safe, effective, chemical-free disinfection

The Fresh-Aire UV line of germicidal UV light products from Triatomic Environmental provide safe, effective, disinfection in a variety of applications for your home or business. Save energy by keeping AC coils cleaner.

Germs in the Air You Breathe

Like it or not the air you breathe has a lot of stuff in it that you don’t want. Like viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew, and allergens. Some are only annoying, others can make you sick!

Because air passes repeatedly through your HVAC system (in fact many microbes like the cool dark damp interior of the system) this is the ideal place to intercept airborne pathogens and destroy them.

Germicidal UV-C applied to your central air system is a safe, economical, chemical-free way to significantly reduce airborne contaminants.

Your AC System Can Spread Airborne Pathogens

Your central air system keeps your family warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer. It works by re-circulating the air in your home, cooling or heating it a little each time it passes through the system.

Unfortunately this systems can also spread the worst sort of airborne pathogens throughout the house! Ordinary filters may trap some of these biohazards but few are killed; in fact the dark moist interior of the air handler is an ideal breeding ground for germs!

Commercial Systems benefits:

From large commercial buildings, strip malls or office space anywhere there is an air conditioning system a UV light can be added.

commercial duct cleaningcommercial maintenance service

Fresh-Aire UV makes commercial UV air disinfection systems for structures large and small. These systems save money by reducing the need for chemical based air system cleaning. Even a small amount of mold on the cooling coils can significantly reduce air system energy efficiency.

A Commercial Series germicidal UV light system from Fresh-Aire UV works around the clock to keep the air system working at peak performance. This means energy and maintenance savings for building owners.

We also make UV disinfection systems for Ice Machines which can easily become contaminated with e-coli and other microbial pathogens

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