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Choosing the right Air conditioning contractor for the job may not often be as easy as we all would like it to be, in fact, many homeowners who buy new high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment don’t get what they pay for. Utility bill savings are often minimal, and comfort and unhealthy air problems can worsen. Researchers state this is due to improper sizing, pre-existing duct problems, and poor installation practices. This is almost entirely due to contractor ignorance or a fast sale.
Homeowners rely on contractors, but very few of them are even aware of what they don’t know about comfort system performance. And even more sadly, we find that many contractors simply don’t care. Many just want to sell you a new metal box, hook it up, get it running, and move on. Needless to say, the most important part of the customers buying process is to select a licensed state certified HVAC contractor with high efficiency equipment training and experience in- duct work, balanced air flow, static pressures, and most importantly proficient in Heat Load Calculations.
The EPA states: “Contractors who have participated in advanced training on diagnostic and installation practices will be able to install better-performing systems that save money and produce less air pollution than many who do not.”

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  • Sandra Hexner

    Thanks for pointing out that I should be very detailed in my search for an HVAC contractor. Our heating system is acting up and we’d like to hire a contractor to out and fix it as soon as possible. I’ll be sure to ask if they have experience, especially if they are licensed and insured with high efficiency training. I agree that making sure my heating and air conditioning system needs to be efficient as possible, so we are saving as much money as possible.

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