What is the homeowner’s No. 1 complaint regarding his HVAC system? It’s downtime. What is the No. 1 cause of downtime? Other than poor maintenance or old age of the equipment, the leading cause is power quality. The utilities companies thus recommend HVAC surge protection against power quality problems.

Why HVAC Surge Protection?

HVAC surge protection waxhawEach home experiences 300-plus potentially damaging electrical surges per year. Home appliances and HVAC equipment, which depend on electronics, are sensitive to these surges. These units are a costly investment for the homeowner, and there typically is no HVAC surge protection.

A surge is a high-amplitude, short-duration electrical fluctuation that can cause harm to electrical, electromechanical, and electronic equipment. Surges are caused by lightning, utility events, and internal events:

Lightning is the most obvious and most sensational type of surge. Lightning can travel up to 1/2 mile from where it strikes. Nothing can prevent a direct strike. Utility events consist of crossover of phases, capacitor switching, grid shifting, inductive loads, and open neutrals.

Internal events in the home, however, are the most likely source of a surge. A General Electric (GE) and National Power Labs (NPL) study shows that 65 percent to 80 percent of transient surges are caused internally from:

  • Pumps (well or pool)
  • A/C condenser motors
  • Refrigeration motors
  • Dishwasher motors
  • Washer/dryer motors

These events can result in the three D’s of surge problems: degradation (of equipment components), destruction, and breakdown downtime. Each surge event decreases the lifetime of your HVAC equipment. Since you have to use all of the listed equipment, surges are inevitable. That’s why surge protection is a must have.

Ask a Penguin Air Representative HVAC surge protection. The cost of this protection equipment will pay for itself over time and will save you from most emergency service calls.

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