Improve the air quality of your home and breath easier by having your;

  1. Ducts cleaned
  2. Coils maintained clean by preventive maintenance
  3. Air handler kept clean and free from mold and bacterial growth
  4. UV light installed (ask us about the benefits)
  5. Air Cleaner filter system checked

Preventive Maintenance improves the efficiency of your air conditioning unit, saving you money. Many customers have reported a substantial savings in their energy bills, in some cases, the energy savings are enough to offset the cost of the annual maintenance service.
Our preventive maintenance programs are tailored to keep your system in peak efficiency and performance year in and year out. A system that enters our preventive maintenance plans experiences considerably fewer breakdowns and lower energy costs, maximize the life span of your unit as well as cleaner air.


    1. Measure and record cooling system pressures and temperatures of each unit.
    2. Check and record all compressor amps for each unit.
    3. Check, adjust and oil all condenser fan motors for proper operation
    4. Inspect fan blade conditions, excessive noises, vibrations, or heat emanating from the bearings.
    5. Check, adjust and oil all blower assembly motors for proper operation
    6. Check all fuses, contacts, relays and capacitors for proper operation.
    7. Inspect pan and drain traps on every visit for normal operation.
    8. Clean, check and replenish pan treatment on every visit.
    9. Inspect all coils for cleanliness and apply anti-fungus agent on every visit.
    10. Inspect all wiring for chafing, burning, and deterioration. Tighten all electrical connections where needed.
    11. For efficiency: Spray antimicrobial agent on air handler coils and check for bacterial buildup that contaminates the coil and blocks air flow.
    12. This symptom is the major cause for systems not moving enough air. It’s one of the main sources of high energy consumption and pollutes the indoor air quality.
    13. Check and clean main drain lines
    14. Check pump operations and bacterial buildup (clean as necessary).
    15. Check auxiliary drain lines or cut-off switch, test cut-off switch.


    1. Check heating system start up.
    2. Check all heating elements for proper operation.
    3. Check all heat exchangers for proper operation.

In General

    1. Check all thermostats for proper operation.
    2. Check and replace all batteries, if necessary, in all thermostats. It is recommended that customers replace the batteries annually.

Inspect Air Ducts Every 2 Years

There is no real consensus regarding the frequency of cleaning supply and return air ducts. It will depend on the maintenance of the HVAC system and the use of the building. A well maintained system will put a lower dirt load into the ducts. The North American Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) recommends inspecting supply side and return air ducts every two to four years. If the inspection reveals contamination, the ducts should be cleaned. This is a service that we also provide and do not sub-out.

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