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To ensure that you’re not spending a small and unnecessary fortune on your utility bill, we encourage you to try winterizing your HVAC system.  According to the Department of Energy, heating and cooling your home is responsible for about 43% of your monthly utility bill (and that’s assuming everything is working properly).

As appealing as it sounds to winterize your HVAC on your own, professionally, we do not advise it.  There are mistakes that homeowners often make when winterizing their HVAC units.  Trying to winterize your HVAC unit on your own can potentially cause even more issues.  We are here to help!  The team at Penguin Air is here to assist you in every way possible. If you try and provide HVAC maintenance yourself, you might end up damaging your units even more.


Importance of HVAC Maintenance

While all mechanical equipment will eventually fail, equipment that is regularly serviced and maintained will last longer and run more efficiently.  The Department of Energy estimates that proper HVAC maintenance can really impact your monthly utility expenses. Giving your system a little TLC can reduce your energy consumption by an impressive 15 to 25 percent.

At Penguin Air, we provide precise inspections, as well as thorough adjustments and cleanings of your systems.   Our preventive maintenance ensures peace of mind for our customers.

Penguin Air Promise

We have been Charlotte’s most trusted heating and cooling for over 20 years. Quality, reliability and honest service are our top priority and we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations.   We understand you deserve the best. At Penguin Air being the best is what we promise to all of our customers.

We offer thorough maintenance and quality winterization for your HVAC unit, along with our expert advice. We have the experience to solve all of your HVAC issues in your home.

Contact us today!  We look forward to serving you!


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