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HVAC IN Waxhaw, NC

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At Penguin Cooling & Heating, our team of licensed cooling and heating professionals offers premium HVAC repair, installation, and replacement services. We are the brand you can trust for on-the-spot relief when disaster strikes, and your AC unit or heater breaks down. For every job, we send out a team of EPA certified technicians to get the job done right in a timely and efficient manner. We focus on HVAC in Waxhaw, NC.


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Do You Need HVAC Repair in Waxhaw, NC?

The need for HVAC Repair in Waxhaw, NC might leave you with few options. Luckily, Penguin Cooling & Heating now offers a full suite of HVAC repair services throughout Waxhaw, NC and the surrounding Charlotte area. From day One, our company has been refining its practices while staying true to its values, so we can acquire the best tools for HVAC repair success.

Are you undecided about whether you should invest in quality HVAC repair or maintenance? In our books, the spring and autumn seasons are the perfect times for a complete HVAC assessment and tune-up. After all, you never know if there are problems brewing under the hood until you have had a professional look under the hood. Here are some of our top reasons why we recommend an annual check-up:

  • To prevent costly future problems (i.e., condenser coils, refrigerant, motors, etc.)
  • To prolong the lifespan of your HVAC machinery
  • To resupply refrigerant to AC compressor and clean out coils and ducts
  • To clean out dirty air filters that can lead to dangerous airflow blockage

To re-calibrate your home’s thermostat and change its batteries


Services Offered In Your Area:

At Penguin Cooling & Heating, we have a variety of expert technicians in the Waxhaw and Charlotte area that are ready to assess your HVAC unit. Whether you need a general HVAC repair service or a full-scale cleaning, sterilization, and filter replacement—we have your back.

To relax in affordable, eco-friendly comfort all year long, you need to make sure your HVAC system is working properly and at maximal efficiency. Here are some of our most popular house call services that can guarantee perfect HVAC performance output.


HVAC Installation

Our technicians work from dawn till dusk performing high-efficiency and standard HVAC system installations. Once it’s installed, schedule a follow-up appointment for routine inspections and checkups. This is a low-cost solution for prolonging the lifespan of your HVAC system.


HVAC Repair

There is nothing we love more than repairing HVAC units. We like to keep things straight-forward when it comes to HVAC repair projects—identify the issues, make a diagnosis, and perform the minimal number of repairs necessary to ensure the long-term performance of the system. At Penguin Cooling & Heating, we are not interested in upselling or being nontransparent in our services.


HVAC Replacement

HVAC units eventually give up on us. When the time finally comes, our technicians can replace your old unit with an HVAC system that works. Whether you want a high-efficiency machine or an older model, our experts can help you pick out your best option and install it all within the same day. For added peace of mind, we guarantee that every unit is working as intended and at optimal energy efficiency.


High Quality HVAC Service in Waxhaw, NC

When you choose Penguin Cooling & Heating, you are investing in a company that is committed to serving its community to the highest possible standard. During every dispatch, our technicians pledge to follow a strict ethical code to ensure the utmost professionalism, respect, transparency, and safety on the job site.


Contact Us Today For A Free Quote

At Penguin Cooling & Heating, our HVAC repair and installation projects are backed by a Customer Satisfaction guarantee. With years of experience in the air conditioning and HVAC industries, you can trust the experts at Penguin Cooling & Heating to handle your next major HVAC project. Contact us today to find out more about our services or to get a free project quote.

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