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Your AC does a lot more for your home than just cooling it, as it also helps filter the air to make sure that it’s as clean as possible. However, without the proper knowledge of how to care for your AC, its shelf life will be significantly reduced, which can lead to an increase in maintenance and repair costs. That said, here are five tips on keeping your AC in the best condition for as long as possible:

Keep an eye on the thermostat

The first thing you need to do when you’re looking to maintain the longevity of your AC is to make sure that it’s not overworked. One way you can do that is to check your thermostat to see the settings. You don’t want to keep the temperature too low from the get-go, especially with an older model. Start off with a higher temperature, ideally around 25 to 26 degrees Celsius, and make your way down the scale if it’s not cool enough for you. For modern thermostats, you can set up an automated program to make it less of a hassle.

Set up regular maintenance and repairs

The AC has to go through an incredible amount of air every day, which means that it will have to filter out a considerable amount of dust, debris, and other particles. Therefore, it’s important to make sure your unit is well-maintained and that there is no dust or dirt buildup inside it. You can easily do some maintenance work by yourself, such as cleaning the filter, but more intricate and complicated processes are best left to professionals.

Always keep your SEER rating high

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating indicates how well your AC unit converts energy into performance. AC units with higher SEER ratings consume less energy to generate the same amount of cool air, which means that they are more energy efficient. This is something you won’t have to worry about if you buy a new AC, but for older models, you always have to check their SEER rating. Not only does it tell you how much money you can save, but it can also indicate what condition your unit is in. For instance, if your unit’s SEER rating drops significantly, it’s a sign that it’s is no longer in the best condition and needs to be fixed or replaced right away.

Use a fan in conjunction with the AC

You may have heard that it’s not a good idea to turn on the fan while the AC is running, but this is one of the biggest myths in the industry. A fan can help distribute cool air from one part of the room to the other, thereby lightening the workload of your AC. Therefore, if you’re looking to increase the energy efficiency and longevity of your AC unit, turning on the fan in your room will help immensely.

Provide some shade to your condenser

One thing that not many people fail to do when trying to increase the longevity of their AC is to provide shade for the condenser or exterior system of the AC. This will help the condenser avoid dealing with so much heat, which will help it distribute the cool air into your room much more effectively.

If you’re looking for an experienced, licensed AC repair service, Penguin Cool is your best option. Call us today and see what we can do for you.