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So your HVAC unit just died, and it’s the middle of summer; you’re going to need to find yourself a technician. Hiring an HVAC contractor will take a little bit of time, and you should do some research to make sure that they are a trained, experienced, certified, and more than capable of handling the job.

Get All The Details – Figure out what might have gone wrong with your HVAC system. Read the manual and take some time to think about what happened before this dysfunction. You will need to give these details to the technician. Try to find maintenance records to see if maybe the system has had this issue before. All of this information will be important for your technician to know.

Ask For Certification – Most places will require contractors to have a certain amount of training as well as experience before the can become a technician. This is because if you want your repair done right, you must make sure that your technician has a basic understanding of electric wiring, ventilation systems, airflow ducts, and more. A repair gone wrong can lead to inefficient use of your system, which may be a hazard to you, your home, and those who live with you. Be sure to check the history as well as the reputation of our contractor; it is always safer to go with trusted providers. Also, do not be afraid to ask a contractor if they are insured and whether or not their services require a contract.

Do Your Research – Ask for opinions and recommendations from anyone who you think might have used these services before. Go online and read the company’s reviews on their website or on other platforms. Google them, find out what they’ve done, and do some digging. If they have a Facebook page, check it out, read some of the comments, and look at their pictures. Don’t be afraid to call them up if you have any questions.

Get a Quote – There is no shame in calling multiple providers and asking for quotes from each one. Check out your options and weigh them out. Be sure to ask how payments must be made, on what schedule, and what options you have when it comes to payment methods. Try to find a realistically-priced service that will meet all our needs or will at least try to reach them.

Confirmation – Once you found a reputable contractor that you like and can afford, settle on a date for repair. They may be able to come right away or require advance booking, depending on the kind of contractor you’re looking for. Be sure that everything is in writing and that you know what you are working with and what to expect. Contracts may not be a requirement, so ask and make sure when calling and shopping around. If you aren’t too bothered by contracts and just want to get your HVAC system fixed, you may be able to do so with a more laid-back and quick company. This will depend on your city, as well. So maybe check with your local office about whether or not you need to put everything in writing.

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