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We often don’t think twice about the quality of our indoor air. Air pollution only affects us outside, right? Indoor air can have a greater effect on your health, especially since we are in it a lot more. Bad indoor air quality can affect those who are more allergy-prone or sensitive. Even then, it is still not good for anyone, and you should care about the quality of your home. Here are some things you can do to try and clean up the quality of your home’s air:

Learn what affects air quality indoors

Indoor air is affected by poor ventilation, the temperature, humidity, mold and other indoor pollutants present in your home. These pollutants include dust, cooking, cleaning products, air fresheners, paint, sanding, wood, stoves, candles, mold, and also any renovation work that might have been done in the room or nearby. There are naturally occurring gases that you must test the air for. Radon is a naturally occurring gas that can affect your health with serious health implications. You will definitely want to make sure you always have your air tested for any levels of carbon monoxide since it can be deadly.

How you can improve it

Try your best to make sure that your home is getting adequate airflow and proper ventilation. This can be achieved naturally through allowing your home to ventilate through windows or doors, or through an actual electrical air ventilator. You will also want to control the temperature in your room to reduce any pollutants that might be present and also to reduce humidity indoors. In all these cases, a normal HVAC system can pretty much do the trick.

Using your HVAC system to improve air quality

An air conditioning system will provide a comfortable and healthy environment to live and work in. Not only will it help maintain the humidity in your home by automatically humidifying or dehumidifying when needed, but it will also always provide constant ventilation. Air cons will clean the air by removing any allergens and pollutants from the air while also maintaining the desired temperature in your environment by cooling the air. Air conditioning will circulate and filter your indoor air while maintaining optimal temperature to keep you comfortable. The filter in air conditioners is used to remove allergens and pollutants along with any other tiny particles in a room through its filtration system.

Keep your HVAC system maintained

It is crucial that you get your manufacturer or a technician to come and help maintain your air conditioner. This means changing your filters so that they keep doing their job and even making sure that your system is not overworking itself. If early maintenance is not done, it can not only cause more money spent on utility bills but may also affect the quality of your indoor air. If you feel like there is a problem with your air conditioning, be sure to get it fixed immediately or have a technician come to inspect it. Maintenance on your HVAC system will be good all around for your comfort and health.

If you’re looking for an experienced, licensed AC repair service, Penguin Cool is your best option. Call us today and see what we can do for you.