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HVAC repair services monroe nc

Air conditioning companies could be the answer when it comes to your HVAC and AC system needs. From the installation of the units to its maintenance and repairs, you would need to find a reliable quality comfort heating and cooling service company that would take care of your units. But what some homeowners usually interchange HVAC systems with AC. When dealing with HVAC service contractors, you should know the proper terms used in the process.

What Is HVAC Repair?

HVAC, in itself, is an acronym for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. By just looking at both the acronyms of HVAC and AC, you will instantly see a big difference. While the meaning of HVAC is given, AC is fairly short and simple. It is actually a component included in HVAC which is air conditioning.

HVAC repair entails fixing any kind of HVAC system. It is the job of HVAC technicians to create the ideal environment that you would need for your home. The units that you might have purchased aren’t tailored fit for your needs. Hence, having these installed by HVAC repair companies would be the best way to go. Penguin air conditioning service would also be the best in maintaining and repairing any kind of air conditioning systems.

Have you also encountered some rise in the humidity level in your space? Don’t try to fix this yourself! What can be a simple problem could lead to further damages if you do it your own!

What Does An HVAC Technician Do?

You might see advertisements when it comes to HVAC services. But are you sure of what do these HVAC services in Monroe, NC could do for you? Here are some of them.

Study your place’s blueprints

If you think that installing an HVAC system is as simple as plugging the device in its proper place, then you may want to change your perspective about that. Some people would try to install their newly bought HVAC units on their own. But this is not really recommended. HVAC service companies such as Penguin Air conditioning services would be the best professionals to call to get the job done. It’s more than just installing. It’s also reading the blueprint and studying it thoroughly to maximize the performance of the units.

Test the pipes for leaks

When installing HVAC systems, the first step is to check your home’s pipes for any possible leaks. This is so the installation would be as smooth as possible. Making sure that the pipes don’t have any leaks on them would also ensure the 100% performance of your HVAC systems.

Test the electrical circuits

Aside from pipings, another important component of the HVAC system is the electrical circuit it runs on. Without a steady supply of energy, your HVAC unit will not function well.

Checking and repairing defective units

Since HVAC systems are almost always one of the systems that you use on an everyday basis, it’s also the most prone to wearing and tearing. For this equipment that you always use, it’s best to have them regularly checked for possible defects. The best step for you to prolong your HVAC’s lifespan is to have it checked and maintained regularly. However, if the unit has developed many defects to the point of repair, then HVAC service companies like Penguin Air Conditioning could do this for you.

Can help improve your HVAC system’s performance

Maintenance isn’t only just based on the regular check-ups. This would mean that the filters have to be changed, ducts will have to be cleaned, and refrigerants must be filled. Often times, dirty and overused filters, ducts, and refrigerants are the main problems of an inefficient HVAC system. Changing these quarterly would merit significant effects in your units.

Other things that could HVAC service companies that could do for you are the following:

  • Install or connect thermostats, timers, and humidistats
  • Connect HVAC units to different sources such as fuel, water, or refrigerant
  • Adjust the system controls to have a balanced system
  • Assemble and position the HVAC units
  • Cut and drill holes to place the units
  • Be in-charge of the layout and design of low voltage electrical wiring
  • Document and keep records of any deficiencies encountered during work encounters

What Is The Difference Between AC And HVAC?

Now the meaning of AC and HVAC has been established; it’s now time to look closer to their differences. The scope of a standard HVAC equipment comes with heating and cooling the air in your place. This unit will also allow any moisture build-up to escape. A typical HVAC system consists of the furnace, air conditioning unit and ducts for ventilation and release of any moisture. All HVAC units refer to air conditioning units. However, not all AC units are considered to be an HVAC one.

To put it simply, the main difference is that HVAC equipment can heat, cool, and ventilate your place. While, on the other hand, an AC system could only cool your home. Knowing the terms of your HVAC/AC systems would help foster good communication between you and your HVAC contractor.

Hire HVAC Repair Services

When you’re looking to have your HVAC units repaired, don’t just settle for any air conditioning companies that you can find on the internet. One of the best that you can hire is Penguin air conditioning services. Not only that they are the best ones in dealing with HVAC services Monroe, NC has to offer, but they could ultimately guarantee that you would have quality comfort heating and cooling units as soon as you call them!

When it comes to communicating with your air conditioning service contractor, it’s alright not to know the technicalities and terms. However, knowing the difference between HVAC and AC system would definitely make the assessment easier for them. It truly pays to know the difference between these systems. Also, if you’re aiming to be a responsible HVAC system owner, it’s only fitting to know the difference between these two terms. Besides, learning all about it isn’t that hard.