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Summer is coming in North Carolina and it’s smart to have your air conditioner problems addressed before the device becomes a necessity. One of these problems may involve your unit’s refrigerant. This is because the substance plays a significant role in your air conditioning unit. When the refrigerant passes within the evaporator coil, it helps cool the surrounding air quickly. Then, the air conditioner’s compressor sucks the cooled air back into the room. Thus, when your AC lacks refrigerant, your AC will inevitably fail to perform as expected.

An air conditioner may lack refrigerant because of two reasons: a leak or a defect during installation. In either case, you would need to have a professional come over to take a look and make repairs. But what are the tell-tale signs that your air conditioner has refrigerant problems?

You have higher bills

When your AC lacks refrigerant, less air is cooled in a given amount of time. Thus, the AC’s compressor takes more time and energy to cool the air in your room. This added effort would push your bills sky-high. If you notice an unusually steep increase in this month’s electricity bills compared to last month, you need to revisit your bills for the same month last year. See if there were increases in generation and distribution charges increased. Recall if your place experienced a severe heat wave during the previous year. If there were no significant increases in utility charge rates nor heat waves, the increase in your bill could be attributed to a problem with your AC’s refrigerant.

Your room feels uncomfortable

Refrigerant problems can cause you to have to wait longer before your room cools. It can also contribute to the feeling of warm air coming from the AC’s vents. However, before you conclude that it is indeed the problem, you have to make sure that the setting of the unit is on cool mode instead of fan mode. Clean your filters, vents, and compressor. If the air still feels too warm or cools too slowly, then you need to call a professional. There are other causes behind inefficient AC performance and you will need expert help to single out refrigerant issues.

Your evaporator coil is frozen

When there is insufficient refrigerant passing through the evaporator coil, the warm air may nor get cooled enough to keep the coil’s surroundings dry. When this happens, moisture forms on the surface of the coil. Additionally, lower refrigerant means lower pressure inside the coil, which also lowers the temperature on its surface. The temperatures become so low that the moisture formed on the coil’s surface freezes. Leaks within the coil can also directly cause the formation of frost.

You hear hissing noises

Aside from manufacturing and installation defects, the only other cause of a low supply of refrigerant in your system is a leak. The refrigerants air conditioners use are a type of gas that makes a hissing noise when it leaks from a tube in your system. When you hear a hissing noise somewhere within your system, chances are that there is a stream of refrigerant escaping from somewhere.

Nevertheless, not all leaks involve major cuts, wears, or breaks. However, minor leaks can also lead to loss of refrigerant. If you suspect that this is the case, call a professional to have your system checked. They have the tools and equipment needed, including a sniffer that can detect abnormally high amounts of refrigerant even when the leak source is tiny.


// Get in touch with a professional to deal with low refrigerant levels

Regardless of how big a leak is, it is bad for your bills and the environment. Leaking refrigerant is also something that untrained people like you can’t handle safely on your own. Thus, you need to have a professional check your unit immediately and have it undergo repairs, or possibly, even replacement.

If you’re looking for an experienced, licensed AC repair service, Penguin Cool is your best option. Call us today and see what we can do for you.