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charlotte heat and air companies

It is recommended by Charlotte heating and air companies that homeowners should have their units checked at least once every six months. That would make it twice a year, at least. There are a lot of reasons behind this suggestion. One of the most important reasons would be for the maintenance of your units. Since heating units could be powered on full blast during winter months, their power source could be running on full power, too. Running everything at its maximum capacity for a long period of time could entail the possible wear and tear of such home equipment.

With that in mind, it is in, indeed, important to have your heating and air conditioning units be properly maintained. Lack of proper maintenance from a credited and licensed Charlotte heating and air companies would merit malfunctions.

Let’s take a look at the other possible problems you might encounter with your heating units.

Problems With The Pilot Light Or Ignition Control

If you have just acquired your home in the past five years, then the chances that you have a modern heating system installed in your home are very high. Modern heating systems usually have one of the two types of ignition systems. These could be either hot surface ignition or intermittent pilot. For both systems, the most common cause of the problem comes from the furnace ignition control. Malfunctions from these systems could cause low or no heat at all. So if your heaters are not circulating much heat, then you should consult these mechanical systems to local Charlotte heating and air companies.

Usually, however, for furnaces that are installed considerably new, it might not have a pilot light for its mechanism. It might have electronic ignition instead. These systems are built to have a flame system that would make sure that the gas inside it will not be flowing without you turning the heater on. Problems associated with these heating units may be harder to deal with. Once you have stumbled upon this type of problem, call in for the services of a credible Charlotte heating and air conditioning repair company.

The Filters Are Clogged Or Dirty

Clogged or dirty air filters would instantly cause your heating units for a restricted airflow. The heating system compensates for this by working harder in order to circulate air that is already damaging to the indoor air quality. Filters that have not been cleaned or replaced for a long time could accumulate so much dirt that could directly affect the limit switch. In this case, the limit switch is usually blown away by the dirty filters. The limit switch is an important part of your heating units since this controls the fan.

The solution for this problem is fairly simple: make sure that you change your filters regularly. While there could be homeowners that truly devote their time to cleaning out their filters, there are also a lot that does not mind the filters at all. You should hire a Charlotte heating and air conditioning unit repair company to help fix the problem.

Lack Of Circulation And Airflow

If you notice that it takes a lot longer for your heaters to bring the temperature up, then you should consider looking at its circulation ducts and airflow. Airflow is usually affected by failing and aging of any parts of your heating unit. These parts may include the motor, belt, bearings, and ducts. When these components are not maintained or repaired on a regular basis, these problems could cause your entire heating system to overheat.

Leaky Ductwork

A leaky ductwork problem is something that you cannot see easily. However, when this type of problem is not resolved as soon as possible, it can cost you a lot of money for repair works. You can check for possible signs of leaking ductwork by walking along with the attic and feel if there is blowing air. Once you spot this issue, you should immediately call in the services of a Charlotte heating and air conditioning company.

Overrunning The Heat Pump

Heat pumps are designed to work efficiently in an environment of fewer than 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything that goes beyond this temperature would overwork your home’s heat pumps. If you cannot maintain this kind of temperature in your home, then the problem might be due to various reasons. It could be because of undersized equipment or ductwork, low refrigerant, or bad reversing of compressor valves.

Whenever you encounter problems with your home’s heat pump, make sure that you call in a Charlotte heating and air company that could fix the problem. Since the root cause of the issue is not that hard to point out, hiring an expert will immediately help solve the problem.

Faulty Thermostat

It does not matter whether you have a traditional or a modern thermostat. Whatever mechanism it runs on, thermostats can still be a problem that you can come across. The problem could be because of a battery issue, misused setting, misread temperatures, and the incapability to match it with your current home HVAC setting. One of the most obvious signs that there is something wrong with your heaters and air conditioning units is that your electricity bills are higher than their usual rate. When you encounter this problem, you should already be skeptical of what is happening in your systems. 

Call In For The Services Of A Heating And Air Conditioning Repair Contractor

You should call in a Charlotte heating and air companies to fix any heater problem you may have. These companies are experts in this field, that is why you should rely on them when dealing with your heating problems. Spend less time stressing about your heating problems and hire the experts for the job.