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So you’re planning on getting your air ducts cleaned. Chances are that it’s been long enough since you last had a clean. Your air ducts play a huge role in the function of your HVAC system. Maintenance is required and recommended for the health of all who inhabit your house. This is because air ducts are responsible for the air circulation into each room through the HVAC system.

Maintaining these air ducts means keeping them clean. This, in turn, means keeping the air clean. This is the air that circulates your home and the air that you are breathing in. Naturally, then, we can conclude that clean air ducts are crucial for good health. Here’s why you should give the air duct cleaning company a call:

Cleaner Air

During the process of cleaning your air ducts, technicians will get rid of all dust and contaminants in your HVAC system. You may not think there is much accumulating in them, but with an increase in pollution, you will definitely smell the difference in the air after a good cleaning. Removing the debris and dust you were breathing in prior to the cleaning will promise cleaner air.

Depending on your HVAC system, it may take a few hours or up to eight hours to completely clean your air ducts. The time will also depend on the layout of your ducts, whether or not it is easily accessible, and the size of the buildup. In order to clean everything properly, inspectors will need to assess your situation and give you an estimate on time as well as a quote. When cleaning is finally initiated, an agitator tool will be used to loosen any fragments that are stuck to your air ducts. A vacuum is then used to suck all these fragments out. Eliminating all of the debris will not only improve the air quality of your home but the functioning of your HVAC system.

Healthier Air

You will notice cleaner air, a different smell throughout your HVAC system, and fewer allergy symptoms. Leaving your air ducts uncleaned can result in a spike of allergic symptoms for more sensitive individuals. After a good cleaning, coughing and sneezing may subside. Cleaning your air ducts will also help those with weaker immune systems like the elderly and children.

It will also benefit your pets! Dust-free air will bless the entire home with healthier breathing, better hair and nails, and just an all around better mood. It isn’t just those with allergies that suffer from unclean air ducts. It can really get to anyone in the home. Breathing in hazardous particles of dust and debris cannot be good for anyone.

Less Dust

Have you ever dusted your home, just to see that all the dust is back within a few days? Where is it all coming from? The answer is – you guessed it! – your air ducts. The filters in your HVAC system can’t always remove smaller particles, so they get sucked into your home and propelled into the air that you breathe.

These tiny particles are then breathed in by you and taken into your lungs! They can accumulate on all of your possessions and your furniture. Outside dust particles get into your home through your air ducts. That’s where most of your dust is coming from! Keep that in mind the next time you see an overflow of dust and consider giving the technician a call.

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